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Impeccable style, excellence, service, and execution

LW Design Studio is a leading design firm specializing in innovative and inventive spaces.

We are known for our high-end cutting edge creative approach to design, combining a balance of functionality and imagination with contemporary elegance.

Our studio is known for both residential and commercial design, collaborating with leading innovative sources to create beautiful harmonious spaces. We work with our clients to incorporate their style preferences with our design concepts.

LW Design Studio is committed to “giving back” 10% of all revenues will be donated to the charity of the clients’ choice.

Celebrating Life through creating Beautiful Harmonious Imaginative Spaces.

Lizzete Winick

Creative Director

Lizzete has led the design of a broad and diverse range of projects. She has developed an outstanding reputation for her ability on advising clients on the perfect use of space to provide comfort, functionality and elegance. She is known for her professional and unapparelled execution.

Lizzete developed her interest, perspective and passion for design during her previous career as a luxury real estate broker. Her keen eye to detail, sense of style and knowledge of residential and commercial real estate provide a unique expertise for her clients. Lizzete studied design at the IED in Madrid.

She is currently working on both residential and luxury commercial projects in New York City, the Hamptons and California.

Amrei Schmitt-Fumian

Director of Design

Amrei spent her formative years splitting time between Germany and Italy guided by a classical humanistic education that encompassed Latin, Greek and concentrations on archaeology, art history and fine Arts. This education combined with copious travel throughout Europe and the Middle East, inspired her passion to further her education in the area of architecture and design.

Starting out in Europe she completed her studies at the well renowned Rhode Island School of Design. She gained practical experience by working in trade show design for various international companies traveling between the United States and Europe. Her New York career began working alongside the well-known brand and retail visionary Ron Pompei.

Venturing into residential design she gained further valuable experience by designing and managing high profile residential projects for clients such as Kate Spade and Hillary Swank. She worked with a company focused on hospitality branding also completing well‐published high end residential projects in the Hamptons and New York City.

Amrei’s next career step provided an opportunity for her to refine her aesthetic sense with extensive travel to Paris, Milan, Berlin and Vienna, among others, as a buyer for vintage furnishings, ranging from midcentury modern to European prototypes from the 1950s to the 1980s.

With an increased interest in hospitality, she ventured into working with Adam Tihany on projects such as Le Cirque NYC, The Fontainebleau Hotel Miami and the Mandarin Oriental Hotels adding another layer of luxury design experience to her design proficiency. During this time, she seized the opportunity to pursue her inherent passion for gastronomy by conceiving and executing the concept for her own restaurant and catering business in Manhattan.

When Starbucks Coffee Company offered her the opportunity to delve even deeper into the complexity of hospitality design and project management, she joined on as part of their Design Team and managed design development and lastly design teams for over a decade.

She now has joined LW design studio to lend her multidisciplinary experience to a growing portfolio of commercial, retail and residential work.

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